Friday, May 22, 2009

Junior Year

Wow! This year has past by so fast! I really can not believe everything that happened. Seems just like yesterday that I was at Sulphur Rock in Mr. Wells 4Th grade classes listing to his awesome stores and now I am almost a Senior.

Many Juniors thought this year went by so slow, but between hanging out with friends out of school, doing homework on week days, and never being home on weekends this year has flown by. Now in less than a year I will be a senior graduate of Batesville High school. Who knows what will happen from there.

I am already feeling that Senoritas already aprouching me at a fast rate. I am tired of being in theses same four walls and I am ready to venture out into the world on my own, but not to far from home just Conway. Well know that my Junior year is down hopefully senior year will fly by just as fast.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wrestling Match

This book was not so much my favorite. I really did not like the book at all. The book was way to simple to understand a first grader could have of read this book.

I do not recomind this book to any one, but maybe a 5th grader there was really nothing to like about it, except maybe the wrestling parts of the book. The main point in this book is that a war can never be one with out both sides being hurt.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Brisinger also written by Christopher Paolini, was the best book in his series maybe even in the whole world. Many people do not want to read these books because of the length of these books. Don't worry I thought the same thing, but once you start reading you cant put the book down.

In this book you are on your feet the whole time wishing you could just help Eragon through his hard times. Never knowing what is going to happen, makes you want to read more and more. These books are the best I have every read and you should read them when you have the time such as this summer.

Page: 763

Friday, May 15, 2009

Holocaust Haiku

Hitler Mass Murdered
Milions of Jews during the
World War II

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thoughts on Holocaust Research!!!

There were many things that I have found out from doing all this reasearch on the Holocaust. Some things I wish I had not learned from this reasearch but, whats hard only makes you stronger I guess and you have to know this type of history.

One of the things I learned while doing my reasearch was that it was not only men and women that were killed but also children and even babies. This made me sick to hear about all of the inocent children dieing for honestly know reason. Like for instance on one death march German soliders marched 7000 people out of these 6000 were women and children to the Baltic sea were they pushed them in the water and killed them.

Doing this reasearch has increased my knowledge on events that actually took place during the Holocaust. Many people have not yet learned about everything that went on and many dont even want to know about the Holocaust. This is to sading for many Americans to hear.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Night was written by an actually survivor of Holocaust Elie Wiesel. This book not only explains the torments that Jews went through, but the pain they felt. The book tells the whole story of the Holocaust and does not leave one part out.

In this book, many people are murdered for know reason making me outraged for the murder of these people. I cannot believe this actually happened, I felt like I myself was inside the book through the great detail he put in this book. In my opinion everyone should have to read this book.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Eldest is the next book and Christopher Paolini series, this book is still in the same medevil time periord. Eragon will soon confront a new foe in this book. This book is just as good maybe even better than the first.

In these books, Christopher Paolini is able to use his imagination to create charcters that have never been used except in his book such as Ra'zac. In these books there is more action then any book I have ever read. Along with action there is also parts were Eragon falls in love. This book is filled with mind blowing excitement from the get go!!

I really liked this book, Eragon the main charcter never gives up, even though he is the most powerful person besides the Empires king he still bows down to a mortal. Which shows that he does not want to rule. The main point in this book would probaly be a war is never one!!! This book is one of the best books ever written.

Pages 704